Food Engineering Aspects / Peer Review

​Peer Review Policy on Food Engineering Aspects

Food Engineering Aspects (FEA), peer review is used to ensure that only high quality papers are published. FEA is designed to establish and enforce the highest standards, and all manuscripts that are submitted are double-blind peer-reviewed.

Double blind review and manuscript evaluation

Submissions will be checked by the Executive / Managing Editor. Turnitin software for plagiarism detection, used during the first screening of a manuscript or pre-check, it can also be used at any stage of the peer-review process and especially before acceptance of a manuscript for publication. If the article are not original research, are not in the scope, the author guidelines are not observed or major problems are noticed, the article will be immediately rejected and authors informed on the reasons within 2 weeks of receipt.

The manuscripts that meet the minimum criteria are sent for double-blind review are reviewed by two reviewers strongly from the topic of the paper. This stage of review takes 3-4 weeks. Referees who review a manuscript remain unknown to the authors. The journal’s independent status ensures a submission acceptance rate based on merit and not favor, bias, or personal preference. All the reviewers send the Executive/Managing Editor a detailed report with their comments and recommendations on the manuscript. Authors receive reviewers’ comments and recommendations from the Executive/Managing Editor and they never enter in contact with reviewers. The reviewers make a recommendation to accept, revise, or reject a manuscript based on the scientific merit and technical quality of the studies reported. Reviewer advise the editor-in-chief, who is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript. Rejected submissions will not be returned to authors, but the authors will be informed on the editorial decision.